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If your beloved idevice were to get a cracked screen, burnt out battery, fried headphone jack, or simply stops working all together, it can really break your heart. Luckily, iRefresh is your one-stop shop for repairs of iPods, iPod touch, iPod nanos, iPhones, and iPads. All manner of full-service repairs are available with fast friendly service, and offer a quick turnaround by our dedicated certified technicians who know how important your devices are to you. 

Of course, for those who are comfortable with their technical ability and want to repair their own device, iRefresh is here to help with parts and thorough instructional videos for certain repairs.

Once your device is sent in to iRefresh, great care is taken to ensure that it is handled with care. In the first 24 hours, an evaluation is done, and repairs will commence. You will be updated via email throughout the process. This quality of customer care and communication highlight the commitment of iRefresh and it's team of certified service professionals have in making sure you are happy and satisfied.

Screen Assembly Parts

itouch 4 screen repair

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ipod nano 6th generation screen repair

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ipad 3 glass touch screen repair

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iphone 4s screen repair

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iPod classic lcd repair

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Apple device evaluation service

How long does it take to repair my iPod? All devices are checked-in and evaluated in 24hrs.

Will I lose my music or other data? No, you will not lose any data even if the battery is replaced.  We will notify you first if a restore is required.

How do I ship my iPhone to you and how do I get it back? How you ship your iPhone to iRefresh is entirely up to you. We use USPS to ship and track all our parts and repairs. We provide free return shipping w/tracking. See more guidance on shipping

How does your mail-in repair service work? Fairly simple!

Step 1 - Choose the device you have ex. iPod, itouch, iPad, nano, or iPhone from above. The next page will take you to device category.

Step 2 - Once you have selected the device model number select part or repair service with options and add to cart.

Step 3 - Complete the one page checkout then check your email inbox for order confirmation witch will include instructions on shipping. ​​Note: All "do-it-yourself " orders ship within 24hrs. All pre-paid shipping labels are emailed within 1-2hrs.

Step 4 - Check you email regularly as you will get notifications such as; when we received it, and repair completion, etc.

Step 5 - Device is repaired, tested, and quickly returned! Another email will be sent confirming shipment and tracking number.

Do you guarantee your work and parts? Yes. There is a 1yr. guarantee on all parts and labor. Excluding accidental damage i.e. cracked screen. See more FAQ's

*We are currently NOT providing installation service.  We will continue to sell parts with the same 1yr. guarantee.

 Popular iPod Repairs

Despite the anodized aluminum casing and Gorilla glass exterior iPod, iPhone, and iPad repairs are going to be here for the long term. With thousands of little components susceptible to damage due to accident or just simple long term use. The time will come for a new battery, headphone jack assembly, LCD and/or glass digitizer.

The first component to burn out or die out in your device is usually the iPhone battery.

If the battery fails, it is just a matter of finding a reputable repair company to remove the bad one and install the new one. In some cases the battery is easy enough for the user to replace, for example the iPhone 4 and 4S only requires the removal of a few screws. That said, extreme care must be taken as some batteries connect directly to the logic board where expert soldering skills are required.

The second component is the iPod touch headphone jack.

The life of this component is mostly dictated by the number times the user plugs-in or pulls-out. For most repair shops this is a simple replacement. This might make a good argument for Apple to remove this port all together relying solely on wifi or blue-tooth. We don't see that happening anytime soon…

And the third most common repair, the iPod touch LCD screen and/or digitizer.

The digitizer would actually come in third with LCD following. The digitizer gives your iPod, iPhone or iPad the sense of touch and helps protect your LCD. This is usually the repair needed when the device is dropped and cracked. The LCD usually survives this, however, these days the LCD and glass digitizer are usually fused together and both have to be replaced at the time of repair.

The most repaired Apple device.

In our experience, the most repaired device is the iPod touch followed by iPod Nano, iPhone then iPad. The iPod touch 4th generation screen repair is the most popular followed by the iPod nano 6th generation power or volume button(s) with iPhone and iPad screen or battery replacement following closely behind.

Service Reviews!

"I ordered two replacement batteries for my iPod touch 4th generation. Your website was easy to use and very clear. Your batteries were superior to most I found online. You shipped my order within a couple hours of my placing it. I received it several days later by Priority Mail. The included tool worked perfectly and was well designed. Changing the batteries turned out to be very easy and quick. I did not lose any music during the changeover. Both units came alive immediately and charged quickly. Thanks for a GREAT customer service experience. I will gladly order from you again." 

Larry from Fairbanks, Alaska (Order 41220)

"I was VERY impressed with the quick shipment, the professional receipt, the quality of the tools provided, the packaging of the fragile products, and the professionalism of the entire process altogether. I was able to install a new, iPhone 4 screen without any hassle at all. I thank you very much for this, as the iPhone itself holds a lot of sentimental value, and replacing it with a new one was just not an option." 

A.J. from West Des Moines, IA (Order 35164)

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